Attacting More Targeted Traffic To Your Blog or Site

The website is to an IM marketer as a store is to the offline business. This is where you begin your serious relationship building efforts. You must realize that a good website, that converts, is essential to the process. But the site is only a one one part of the overall marketing process. You’ll also need to get some traffic to that site. Quite obviously, if no one knows it’s there… who’ll buy all your great stuff?

You don’t want to manually submit your site to the major search engines, but it’s fine to manually submit to secondary search engines which will help you in certain ways. The fastest way to get your site indexed in Google, or Bing, is using Web 2.0 strategies. It won’t take very long to submit to several dozen secondary engines. But they will provide backlinks and contribute to how “popular” your site can be perceived by Google. There are so many methods for gaining backlinks, and it’s also a fact that some backlinks are more important than others. You don’t want all high PR, high-power backlinks because Google recognizes that as unnatural, so having a good variety will make things look more normal, and natural.

Make sure that all of the links in your site work. Broken links make it tough for your visitors to move around your site. It just takes away from the positive impression, plus some visitors really get annoyed and leave, maybe forever. Another important reason is that they stop the search engine spiders and bots from crawling your site, and you never want that to happen.

You should always provide Meta tag information in your site or blog, of course. If you have a blog, you can download an SEO plugin that will make it easier to use Meta tags. Using meta tags in your site’s title and description help the search engines correctly categorize your site which will only help you with organic traffic.

Also, if there are discrepancies between your Meta tag information and your page content, it will only cause confusion, improper ranking, and you’ll also waste a lot of time. There is nothing difficult about using Meta tags, and they’ll help you in some important ways.

You have no idea how many different methods exist, and still some undiscovered, to drive targeted traffic to any site. The ideal situation is the ability to keep that traffic coming. You should devote a little time to it every day, and the rewards can be massive. Remember the potential value that exists in each visitor to your site. If you keep at it, you’ll be able to create a full-time income for life.

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